After Sinus Surgery

Medication to control discomfort will be given in the recovery room, and you will be instructed when the next dose may be given at home. Do not take medication on an empty stomach (will cause nausea). 

Antibiotics should be started the evening of surgery. Anti-inflammatories / steroids should be continued the day after surgery.

Diet: avoid hot and spicy foods for 5 days. Be sure to maintain hydration with adequate liquid intake.

Keep your head elevated as much as possible for the first three days. Sleep with your head elevated on pillows.

Place ice packs (frozen peas, crushed ice in zip lock, etc.) on your nose, eyes and cheeks as much as possible for the first three days.

Change the gauze pad under the nose as needed depending on drainage. You may remove it and keep it off when the drainage subsides.

You may begin irrigating your nose with a bulb syringe and distilled water 2 – 4 times/day two days after surgery. This will wash out debris from inside the nose and help relieve congestion.

Avoid all heavy physical activity / exercise / straining / lifting for 2 weeks following surgery. Light exercise may be started in the third week.

You will require your first follow-up visit about two weeks after surgery. This visit should be scheduled prior to your surgery or by the surgical center.  During this visit, the inside of your nose and sinuses will be cleaned, and a topical numbing spray will be applied to minimize discomfort. However, you may wish to take your pain medicine prior to this visit.

If you have any questions, please call our office at Montgomery Office Phone Number 334-272-8644